Gail Carson Levine

Gail Carson Levine is like the diet version of Robin McKinley. Her books never get quite as freaky as some of Ms. McKinley's weirder stuff, but then she never gets quite as good, either. But if you refrain from comparing them to other, finer examples of the re-worked fairytale genre, Ms. Levine's books are charming, politically correct retellings of classic fairy tales, ready to be enjoyed by fans of any age.

None. Even the movie version of Ella Enchanted was kind of cute. It had almost nothing in common with the book, but it was still fun.


Other Recommendations:
Snow-White and Rose-Red and the Enchanted Forest series, by Patricia C. Wrede

Beauty and The Outlaws of Sherwood, by Robin McKinley

Beauty Sleep and The Storyteller's Daughter, by Cameron Dokey
Posted by: Julia


22 Jun, 2005 12:22 PM @ version 0

I liked Ella Enchanted and a couple other of her books. Even though she isn't as good a writer as some others, Ella Enchanted was a book I enjoyed reading and is a good book for kids, and I also think it is her best book.

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