Chris Crutcher

If Chris Crutcher wrote for adults rather than kids and was about fifty times less entertaining, I bet the people from Oprah's Book Club would be knocking his door down. Crutcher's books feature more Very Important Issues than an after school special, but unlike Oprah's stable of angstfest authors, he consistently handles them with humor and grace.

Note: Crutcher is a part-time family therapist and boy, does it show.

Note #2: We don't say this often, but we actually LIKE the movie based on one of Crutcher's short stories. Look for Angus at your local video store and enjoy the sight of a smart, grouchy, fat kid breaking Dawson Leery's nose over and over again!

None--so long as you know what you're getting into. Crutcher only writes one type of book (the bleak as hell kind) so if you're not into the type of thing described above, skip him. We don't want any complaints about recommending something depressing.

Everywhere, and for once the paperbacks are reasonably inexpensive! Go Chris Crutcher!

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