Manhwa mourning

Christopher from the blog comics212 has posted a discouraging response to a Publishers Weekly interview with Tokyopop marketing director Marco Pavia. Christopher seems unconvinced by Pavia's claims (that Tokyopop has not issued an official cancellation list, and that many of the titles rumored to be cancelled will be published eventually), and has made a list of every title originally scheduled as a Fall 2008 Tokyopop release that will not be released this fall, and and two--two!--#Korean-manhwa titles are on it: the first volume of Ciel and I Wish volume three.

This really brings up all of my mixed feelings about scanlation--I mean, I already knew that I Wish was on the chopping block, but the Ciel cancellation is news. #K-M is a responsible group, and we'd stop scanlating in a heartbeat if we knew a series was going to be made available by a real publisher. However, it's tough to hear that a series we've worked hard on, and introduced to many readers, is now stuck in publishing limbo....
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