Arturo Perez-Reverte

Arturo Perez-Reverte’s books always fall apart in the last few chapters, but the rest of the story is so much fun that you have to forgive him. If you’re looking for enjoyably atmospheric mysteries riddled with smug, clever literary and artistic allusions, look no further: Perez-Reverte’s books are filled to the brim with cynical book detectives, chain-smoking (but hot!) art restorers, and complicated chess references. Just don’t expect all that lovely noir atmosphere to come to an equally clever conclusion.

How many art restorers smoke AROUND THE PAINTINGS they’re being paid to restore? Or book dealers around first editions? Outside of Perez-Reverte’s books, I guessing probably not all that many. Lord, I’m all for atmosphere, but it should make some sense.Also, how could they make a film of The Club Dumas, have it feature Lena Olin and star Johnny Depp, and still manage to screw it up? Did they actively strive to make it suck?


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