Annette Curtis Klause

Annette Curtis Klause has only written a handful of books, and I disliked one of them (Silver Kiss) and was too turned off by the hokey cover and title to read another (Alien Secrets). The third, however, is her sex-and-death/teen angst/werewolf story Blood and Chocolate, and it is so awesome that it guarantees her place on the Wordcandy shelf. This is seriously sexy stuff. Blood and Chocolate is young adult fiction’s answer to Laurell K. Hamilton, without any actual sex scenes (which, considering how cheeseball most sex scenes are in this genre, is probably a good thing).

That she hasn’t written more, and that there are so few fanfics making up for her lack of output.


Other Recommendations:
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Anything by Laurell K. Hamilton (as long as you’re old enough to vote! No corruption of young minds happening here!)

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