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I was planning to write a review of the unabridged audiobook edition of Noel Streatfeild's novel Ballet Shoes this afternoon, but I see that there's actually even more Ballet Shoes-related news worth sharing, so I'll keep it short: the audiobook edition, which is read by actress Elizabeth Sastre, is really nicely done. I'd forgotten how appealing Ballet Shoes is. It's more sophisticated than The Boxcar Children, or even A Little Princess, but it offers similar charms: a tidy, streamlined storyline, and a strong emphasis on money-earning and self-sufficiency. Any kid who likes stories about children working and achieving some financial independence is sure to enjoy it--it doesn't even matter that British money makes absolutely no sense.

Anyway, if you're not into the audiobook thing, Screenvision is planning a limited-engagement showing of the recent TV adaptation of Ballet Shoes on August 26th. According to the list of selected theaters, those of us who live in the Northwest appear to be out of luck, but the rest of the country can buy their tickets now.
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12 Aug, 2008 03:53 PM @ version 0

Strange - this weekend out of the blue I was reminded of Noel Streatfeild's work and ended up purchasing a stack of her books online (including my personal favorite White Boots). Now I see your post about Ballet Shoes - was there some recent press about Ms Streatfeild that I subconsciously registered or are people around the world just randomly remembering this wonderful author?

12 Aug, 2008 04:53 PM @ version 0

My son is blind, so audio books are a great pleasure.

12 Aug, 2008 05:58 PM @ version 0

Liv--Well, the only 'recent activity' I can think of is the BBC TV adaptation that came out last December, but maybe that inspired some kind of frenzy in England...?

Daisy--I listened to the entire book with my husband and son, and they both seemed to enjoy it. The librarian who guided me to the audiobook section was a little concerned about choosing a book that featured three female main characters to share with two males, but we all had fun! Apparently boys' ears don't start bleeding when they're forced to read/listen to a book about girls....

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