Graham Greene

Graham Greene's steady success as a writer and critic ensured that he pretty much skipped the standard years of being a starving artist and went straight to solid sales and critical acclaim, but you'd never guess it from his books. Few of his novels feature an unambiguously happy ending, but they do display a sharp, elegant style, a deep appreciation of irony, and flashes of wit and charm. If you're looking for something with both entertainment value and some substance to it (or you're hoping to impress someone with how deep and literary you are) then this is the Wordcandy for you.

Note: Graham worked as a film and book critic for years, although there was a small scandal involving his scathing review of the 1937 Shirley Temple film entitled Wee Willie Winkie. Well. We all go down over something, I suppose.



Other Recommendations:
Roman Fever, by Edith Wharton (another fine choice to impress on people how intellectual you are)
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