Harry Potter Activities, Part IV

While there are great HP-release party options on the East and West Coast, Midwesterners might be having the most hardcore HP shindigs. Two Ohio towns, Wilmington and Hudson, will be turning their downtown cores into massive Harry Potter festivals on July 20th. In Wilmington, visitors will be able to eat Gillyweed and Eye of Newt (a.k.a. spaghetti and meatballs) at Hogwarts (a.k.a. The General Denver Hotel), shop in Diagon Alley, or check out the free Harry Potter triple-feature film fest at the Murphy Theater. In Hudson, they can take Weasley cooking classes, ride the Purple Knight Bus, or--should nature call--try a "Porta-Potter".

More than 4,000 people showed up to Wilmington's release party for the 2005 release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Hudson is expecting 12,000 for this year's event, so we suggest that you get there early.

Above right: Wilmington's Professor Dumbledore wanders the streets in 2005, apparently unaware of the dark fate about to befall him.
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