Linda Medley

Linda Medley is a Portland-based comic book writer and illustrator, and the author of the excellent Castle Waiting series, the subject of one of our Book of the Week reviews. Castle Waiting has been on hiatus since 2001, but Fantagraphics recently picked up the series, and new stories will be released starting in July ’06.

Note: Ms. Medley’s website, Studiolio, offers all sorts of Castle Waiting-related stuff for sale, including book covers for the hardcover edition, stickers, and bookmarks. Buy it now, before somebody makes a movie out of Medley’s story and you have to pay eight times as much for the official Warner Bros. edition.

The hardcover edition's packaging is unworthy of the story. You can buy a book cover from Medley's website, but it's an inconvenient extra step.

Everywhere, but I'd buy a copy soon.

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