Margery Sharp

If the children's books of George MacDonald have "fallen out of fashion", then the books of Margery Sharp are the literary equivalent of the bustle... and I really have no idea why. What happened? Wasn't there a Disney movie version? Doesn't that mean that someone, somewhere, is watching "The Rescuers" and wondering if the books the movie was based on were any fun? Well, if that person is you, and your quest to find out is how you found our website: YES, THEY WERE. Margery Sharp wrote several books featuring the needle-witted and ladylike Miss Bianca and her devoted swain, Bernard. They had various exciting adventures, rescued innocent people from salt mines and French prisons and abusive foster homes staffed by robotic ladies-in-waiting, and cast sidelong glances at each other. These books were funny and sweet and strange, and I don't understand why nobody seems to have them any longer. Damn shame, really.

See above.

HAH. Best of luck.

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