The world of books to be lovingly explored by CBS... their thoughtful new reality show, Tuesday Night Book Club. According to their website, this is a story about a group of "everyday, all-American women", who get together every week for some wholesome literary discussion. Take a gander at the cast:

Hell, that's what *I'd* wear to a book club meeting. After all, what literary discussion isn't improved by some serious cleavage? (Where else are you gonna keep your notes?) And I'm sure that the title of the second episode (only they call them "chapters"--isn't that clever?), "How long have you been having an... affair?" is actually a Madame Bovary reference, not, say, a cheeseball attempt to hook some of the Desperate Housewives viewers during the summer hiatus. Clear your schedules, bibliophiles, there's some high-minded entertainment coming your way!
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