Sherlock Holmes, uncensored(?)

Ooooh, the trailer for the Sherlock Holmes movie is out: looks a bit like "Iron Man In a Cravat", but that's okay, right?
Posted by: Julianka


26 May, 2009 06:56 PM @ version 0

Gah... About a minute into the trailer, my mind abandoned all pretense that I was watching a trailer for a Sherlock Holmes and instead embraced the concept that this was an action-adventure-superhero film with modern-day effects (the now-overused slow-fast motion not the least featured of them) with more influences from James Bond than from Sherlock Holmes (from which only the names are taken). After that switch, I started enjoying it.

"Iron Man in A Cravat" seems like an excellent description of it.

26 May, 2009 09:51 PM @ version 0

Heh. I figure as long as it isn't as bad as the 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' movie, we're golden.

Of course, the older I get, the lower my standards go...

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