Mystery solved

Speaking of movies, I've been wondering how Hollywood is going to turn Malcolm Gladwell's nonfiction bestseller Blink into a movie, and now I know: they're going to ignore 99% of their source material.

According to Yahoo!, the script will feature an older man and his estranged twentysomething son, an "idealistic drifter" with a gift for sizing up people and situations at a glance. His father, impressed by his son's ability, wants to use his skills to make money on Wall Street.

As I understand it, Gladwell's book is about the reliability of ordinary people's snap judgments, but if Hollywood wants to remake the book into a fictional account of some dude with a superpower, good for them. I'm assuming that Gladwell will make a bazillion dollars off of the whole thing, and I've never read it, so (for once) I totally don't care. Everybody's happy!
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