Georgette Heyer smackdown

Okay, one last piece of Heyer coverage and we're done (...for awhile). I went to the bookstore last night, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but TWO new Heyer releases—one from Sourcebooks, and one from Harlequin. Now, ordinarily I’d be 100% behind anybody releasing any of Heyer’s books, but I’m still recovering from Harlequin's last bunch of Heyer releases, which came out a couple of years ago. They looked like this:

I was pretty excited to see these books (despite their hokey cover art), as they allowed me to read some of the Heyer titles I hadn’t been able to find in used bookstores. Unfortunately, they were *terribly* made. My copies lost pages, the bindings split, and—in one memorable case—the entire cover actually fell off the book. My vintage paperbacks, on the other hand, are still holding together despite countless re-reads, so I was really taken aback by this lack of quality.

Anyway, Harlequin’s new Heyer releases look like this:

Better cover art (although historically inaccurate—this is not a Regency-era novel), and they’re the same size and price as the Sourcebooks reprints, but a closer inspection raised some concerns. Everything about them seemed slightly lower in quality: they were markedly lighter than the Sourcebooks versions, and their pages looked thin. I’m not in a position to judge their longevity, so I’d be curious to hear from anyone who has bought one of these—how are they holding up?
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