No consideration for my poor nerves

Alas, dear readers, I am not feeling optimistic about ANY of the books I have been patiently awaiting:
Jennifer Crusie's Liz Danger series is allegedly still coming out this summer, but none of the online booksellers seem to have cover art posted. Bad sign.

Michael Buckley's blog claims he is hard at work at the ninth Sisters Grimm book, but it's "tough nut to crack". Another bad sign.

Nothing has happened on Lisa Kleypas's site for ages. Her latest sneak peek is of a book that came out six months ago. There's no longer anything sneaky about it, Ms. Kleypas.

And, last but not least, Ysabeau S. Wilce's final Flora Segunda book won't be out until next spring, which means I will have waited four years for that series to finish up.
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