Takahashi's Rin-ne: an update

As promised, VIZ posted the first chapter of Rumiko Takahashi's new series Rin-ne today on the Rumic World website, and I trotted right over to read it.

I'd give the first chapter an "A" for content*, but the online reading experience left something to be desired. On the plus side, it was in color, the site worked well, and the whole thing was free, which goes a long way with me. ("Free" is my favorite price.) Unfortunately, I think there were a lot of cultural references that went over my head--jokes about money, etc.--and it would have been really nice if Viz included a few explanatory notes.

*Cute intro, with an emotional tone hovering halfway between Ranma and Inuyasha. Plus, you've got to love a story featuring a gigantic ghostly chihuahua.
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