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Although I’ve seen several critics comparing Carrie Vaughn’s new werewolf series to the Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake books, I think they have more in common with Charlaine Harris’s stories or Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Vaughn shares some of Hamilton’s fondness for scenes of, er, animal abandon, but Kitty doesn’t take herself as seriously as Anita does, nor is she compelled to have kinky sex with every man she meets. (See? They have nothing in common!) Like Harris and Butcher, Vaughn seems more interested in the day-to-day life of her main character, werewolf Kitty Norville, a radio DJ whose late-night show has turned into a popular form of call-in therapy for supernatural beings. This is fun stuff—fast-paced and entertaining, with enough ass-kicking, name-taking, and quip-making to satisfy any Buffy fan.

Well, that cover art is cheeeeeese-tastic.


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