Patience: my least favorite virtue

Speaking of The Wallflower, Friday's post reminded me that I hadn't seen Tomoko Hayakawa's latest volume on bookstore shelves yet, so I did a little research into its whereabouts. As it turns out, the series' American publisher (Del Rey) has decided to release the next three volumes in an omnibus edition, which won't be out until next October.

See, this is why I hesitate before recommending manga to people. Del Rey isn't a bad publisher, but even they make some rage-inducing calls. They've released twenty-one volumes of The Wallflower since 2004, which means that readers (including me) have spent six years and hundreds of dollars on this title. We are not thrilled to learn that the remaining volumes are going to A) look different and B) come out only once a year.

I suppose this option is better than not having the series at all... but it's still, like, super irritating.
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