Help Jennifer Colt (or somebody else) land a Penguin contract

I got this e-mail from beloved Wordcandy author Jennifer Colt yesterday:

Dear Friends,

I entered my unpublished McAfee Twins manuscript The Hellraiser of the Hollywood Hills in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards—and the Grand Prize is a publishing contract with Penguin Books. They narrowed it down from 5,000 entries representing 20 countries, and I made it into the top 10!! Now it's a popularity contest -- the entry with the most votes from the public wins.

That's where I could use your help. I would really appreciate your vote. Here’s how to do it:

1) Click on this link to my Amazon page.

2) Click on Read the First Four Chapters link next to my picture and download the excerpt.

3) Read the excerpt (or not—you can always fake it).

4) Backpage to the page where you started out. Down at the very bottom of the page it says, "Share your thoughts with other customers" next to a "create your own review" button. Click on the button to be taken to the review page.

5) Fill in a title of the review, rate it with 4 or 5 stars (a rating of 3 or below doesn't count), type a few words in the box about how entertaining/riveting/original it is, and...

6) VOILA! Mama gets a new publisher.

Thanks for your help, and please pass this on to anyone who might want to help a struggling writer (oops, I meant "emerging novelist").


-Jennifer Colt

This is the homepage for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. We encourage everybody to check out the free excerpt from The Hellraiser of the Hollywood Hills (or any of the other titles that tickle your fancy) and let Amazon know your thoughts!
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