Bob Ruddick

Gery Greer and Bob Ruddick are the authors of Max and Me and the Time Machine and its sequel, Max and Me and the Wild West. Greer and Ruddick’s hero is a cheerful, act-in-haste, regret-at-leisure kid named Steve. Much to the amusement of his level-headed pal Max, Steve buys a time machine at his neighbor’s garage sale for $2.50. Max is skeptical but willing to humor him, and in no time at all the boys find themselves catapulting through time, landing smack-dab in the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, Steve ends up inhabiting the body of a knight with some very ugly, very large enemies, while poor Max... well, suffice to say, things just go downhill from there. Greer and Ruddick’s books are fast-paced, funny novels that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

I can't find a THING on either of these authors. Google, why have you forsaken me?

Limited. Try your local library.

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17 Aug, 2006 02:37 AM @ version 0

I remember this book! I LOVED this book! If you can find it at your local library, it makes for great reading-aloud-in-the-car-on-family-car-trips memories.

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