Lynsay Sands is a fun writer, and her Argeneau Vampire series is totally cute. (Seriously—pleasant, non-violent, Canadian vampires! They're adorable!) Unfortunately, I'm seeing a disturbing trend here:

This came out in early 2004. Sands's books are pretty cartoonish, so this seems like a good fit for the series:

And then this came out in late 2005. I'm not crazy about the more dramatic look, but the book's kind of working it. (Although... is that guy wearing blush?):

And then this just came out this year. Frankly, I am appalled:

What happened? Even I, seasoned romance-novel-purchaser that I am, would hesitate to bring this up to the counter. What's up with that guy's HAIR? (Are we supposed to find that greasy-looking mullet attractive?) And that pose is ridiculous—the couple looks like they're posing for one of those advertisements for sexual instructional videos you see in the back pages of women's health magazines.
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