David Macaulay

David Macaulay is the author of a series of semi-fictional books about how things are built. His stories about the construction of cathedrals, castles, mosques, and pyramids, all of which are illustrated in his distinctive, highly detailed black-and-while style, are technically aimed at children, but are mind-blowing at any age. Each book has a loose fictional frame (in Unbuilding, for example, an Arab prince buys the Empire State building and has it deconstructed, so it can be reconstructed in his homeland), but the bulk of the story is devoted to a straightforward description of the construction (or deconstruction) of whatever kind of building he's describing.

Note: Macaulay also contributed a story to Art Speigelman's Little Lit comic book collection.

Note #2: Three of Macaulay's books have been turned into PBS programs.

Note #3: Always look for the tiny visual jokes Macaulay works into his stories, like King Kong's hand tucked into the corner of a page of Unbuilding.


Everywhere, except for the Little Lit story. Ask your local comic supplier for that one.

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This guy's pretty unique. Any suggestions, gentle readers?

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