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Excerpt from:
The Sisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspects, by Michael Buckley

Why you should buy a copy of your very own:
The likable heroines, the clever twists on classic fairy tale characters, and the author's snarky sense of humor

In this scene...

Our heroines, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, are sneaking through their on-again, off-again friend Puck's magical, forest-themed bedroom. Puck has been the Trickster King for centuries, and his bedroom decor reflects that—it's a dangerous place to wander about in, as the Grimm sisters realized on a previous visit. (They took a wrong step and were catapulted into a vat of pickle-scented glue.) This time, they're determined to find Puck without mishap.

The girls crept along the path around the lagoon and then into some heavy brush. Eventually they came to a trampoline on which Puck was sound asleep. The Trickster King was wearing a pair of blue footie pajamas that had little smiling stars and moons on them. Held close to his face was a soft pink stuffed unicorn with a rainbow sewn on its side. If only Sabrina had brought a camera, she could have also recorded his thumb in his mouth.

"Time to wake up the sleepy monkey," Sabrina cooed in baby talk, trying her best not to roar with laughter.

Daphne giggled but held her hand over her mouth.

"Wakie-wakie, eggs and bac-ie," Sabrina continued.

Puck stirred in his sleep but didn't wake. A big stream of drool escaped his mouth and ran down the front of his pajamas.

"Does someone have the sleepy-sleepies?" Daphne said mimicking her sister's baby talk.

"Time to come back from dreamland, precious," the older girl said, shaking the boy roughly. Puck sprang from his sleep, with wings extended from his back. He waved his big pink unicorn like a deadly sword and slashed at the children.

"Nice jammies," Daphne snickered.

"I especially like Mr. Unicorn," Sabrina laughed.

"His name is Kraven the Deceiver," Puck corrected, before realizing what he was holding and who was with him.

(c)Michael Buckley, 2005
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