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Whoa. This must have taken some serious effort:

And in other news, Disney has decided to go for a more dude-friendly take on the ol' fairytale genre: from here on out (says the Los Angeles Times), they don't want to be "put in a box" by making movies just for girls. Because there are already so many movies out there aimed at females, and Lord knows we'd want to be fair.
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11 Mar, 2010 05:07 AM @ version 0

Hah! That is cute.

Ehgh, I don't really want to think too hard on the Tangled Mess. I think that Disney took the wrong lessons from the "lack of success" of The Princess & The Frog. While I would like to see less focus on the Disney Princess line, I don't think that lessening the importance of Rapunzel in her own story is necessary or the way to go.

11 Mar, 2010 05:34 AM @ version 0

Right! I mean, why focus on the prince? What did he even DO in that story? Why couldn't he bring a @$*#$! ladder or a rope or something and get Rapunzel DOWN from the tower, instead of just trotting up there to "visit" her (and knock her up, at least in the version I read as a kid)?

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