Eleanor Cameron

Born in 1912, writer and critic Eleanor Cameron is best remembered as the author of the charmingly bizarre Mushroom Planet books. The first book in this imaginative, entertaining series, 1954’s The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet, is one of our Book of the Week picks.

In 1972, Ms. Cameron’s distinguished critical career was considerably spiced up with the publication of a three-part essay in The Horn Book Magazine. In her essay, called "McLuhan, Youth, and Literature", Ms. Cameron writes contemptuously of fellow Wordcandy author Roald Dahl, referring to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as “one of the most tasteless books ever written for children”. Mr. Dahl took some serious umbrage to her remarks, and published an indignant reply in the same magazine. (I love a good literary smackdown, don’t you? It’s not as good as the Graham Greene Wee Willie Winkie scandal, but it’s close.)

None. (Unless you're Roald Dahl. Heh.)

Limited, even online. Libraries are going to be your best bet.

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http://www.hbook.com/exhibit/cameronvdahl.html - (home of her exchange with Roal Dahl)
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