First world problems

I am not normally in the business of reviewing puzzles, but I recently received one of Laurence King Publishing's 1000-piece "The World of Jane Austen" puzzles for my birthday, and I HAVE SOME NOTES. (Incoherent notes, because I don't actually know puzzle terminology, but notes nonetheless!!!) Let me start with the positives: the artwork is adorable, and I love that it includes characters and locations from all of Austen's novels, and the puzzle itself is the perfect level of challenging. Unfortunately, whatever paper (cardboard?) they used to make this puzzle is super irritating. You know how most puzzle pieces sort of stick together, so you can pick up an entire segment and put it in place? These puzzle pieces don't do that. Each piece instantly detaches from its neighbors, no matter how carefully you move it. And while these pieces seemingly cannot stick together worth a damn, they do manage to fuse themselves to my table like they've been vacuum-sealed in place. How??? I have no idea, but it's obnoxious enough that I am revising my earlier recommendation of this line: they're still cute, but maybe hold off until the publisher starts printing them on better materials.
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