That Ain't Witchcraft, by Seanan McGuire

That Ain't Witchcraft is the eighth novel in Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series, and the author deserves all the fun-book awards: she keeps trotting out installment after installment, each just as lively, imaginative, and entertaining as the others. I've read more impressive standalone fantasies, but I can't remember another series delivering so consistently and fast.

According to her author's note, in That Ain't Witchcraft McGuire set out to write a tribute to all those horror movies featuring a bunch of twentysomethings in a rickety house in the woods. Her current protagonist—Antimony Price, younger sister to Verity and Alex Price—has finally found a place to catch her breath after months of fleeing her family's arch-enemies, the Covenant of St. George. With the help of her supernatural friends, she settles into an isolated cabin in Maine. Unfortunately, the Covenant is still keeping an eye out for her, and rural Maine turns out to have dangers of its own.

The next book in this series will center around Sarah, the Price siblings' non-human cousin. I'm excited to read it, although I think it's a risk—so much of the charm of these stories comes from the way that the Prices have developed their human interests to enhance their interactions with the supernatural. (If you haven't given much thought to what a useful skill roller-derby could be to a monster hunter, this series will show you the error of your ways.) I'm confident in McGuire's ability to handle such a shift, however, and I hope she keeps this series running forever.
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