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This is why I will never stop watching Asian TV shows: their source material is so much weirder than ours. According to the website Dramabeans, this fall I'll be able to see a K-drama live-action adaptation of Japanese author Hideo Okuda's "Psychiatrist Irabu" series. Check out the Wikipedia plot summary:
"Ichiro Irabu is a psychiatrist from the Irabu General Hospital. He is fat and pale skinned, with a fetish for administering injections to patients. An unreasonable and rather immature person, he normally ignores Yamashita's plights while challenging him to mid-air trapeze flying due to his self-proclaimed "light-weightedness." During his student days, he frequently misunderstood his lectures. Treated as a general nuisance at the School of Medicine, he entered pediatrics soon after graduation. However, due to claims of his tantrums and quarrels with child patients, he switched to psychiatry instead. Doubts remain about his actual grades.
Frankly, I think trapeze duels would make any "socially maladroit genius" show 100% better. Think of what they would do for Sherlock!
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