Holiday Gift Pick #8

Gift Idea #8: Girls Next Door mugs

Okay, this one is both a little hard to explain and aimed squarely at the most hardcore nerds among us (me included; I already requested one of these for Christmas). French artist Rebecca Morse's webcomic Girls Next Door started life as a spinoff of AsheRhyder's fancomic Roommates, but has since earned a large fandom of its own. It centers around modern college roommates Sarah Williams (heroine of the 1986 movie Labyrinth) and Christine Daaé (from The Phantom of the Opera) and their wide circle of fictional friends—characters from everything from Dracula to Good Omens. Sure, the premise doesn't sound like it makes any sense, but trust me: this series is a joy to read, and I was thrilled to discover that Ms. Morse is now selling a handful of images via Society6.
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