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Last week on Twitter I mentioned Australian graphic designer Jennifer Wu's amazing Tess of the D'Urbervilles cover, which cheers me up whenever I look at it. (Currently v. necessary.) Ms. Wu informs me that this cover is part of a larger project called #LoveRomance . The #LoveRomance campaign is devoted to championing romance writing and highlighting its exclusion from major literary events. To this end, Wu repackaged three classic books as female-oriented genre fiction: Tess as a historical romance, The Picture of Dorian Gray as a paranormal/fantasy, and Miles Davis's My Brilliant Career as modern chick-lit. All three are great, and best of luck to the #LoveRomance people with their efforts—we here at Wordcandy are always thrilled when someone stands up for romance, a genre that is both crazy successful and routinely dismissed by critics.
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