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The more I think about Common Sense Media's list of 50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They're 12, the more I quibble with it. They chose a lot of great books, sure, but others range from flawed (Ender's Game) to age-inappropriate (The Fellowship of the Ring) to straight-up unworthy (The Bad Beginning: A Series of Unfortunate Events). I have about a million alternate suggestions, but I decided to limit myself to books I've already reviewed:

Zen Ghosts, by Jon J. Muth
Bad Machinery: The Case of the Team Spirit, by John Allison
Harriet the Spy, by Louise Fitzhugh
Heir Apparent, by Vivian Vande Velde
Lockwood & Co.: The Screaming Staircase, by Jonathan Stroud
The Night of the Solstice, by L.J. Smith
The Penderwicks, by Jeanne Birdsall
The Sammy Keyes series (or Flipped), by Wendelin Van Draanen
The Tripod series, by John Christopher
The Wee Free Men series, by Terry Pratchett
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken
Yotsuba&!, by Kiyohiko Azuma
The Chrestomanchi series, by Diana Wynne Jones

And that's not even touching any of the glorious kids' books I haven't reviewed, from Calvin and Hobbes to David Macaulay to Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising to Gregory, the Terrible Eater. Seriously, the more I think about this list the more anxious it makes me.
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