Big stuff worth sweating

The Telegraph recently posted a totally creepifying story about self-help author Kristine Carlson, who has endured years of stalking after reaching out to a mentally disturbed man on a flight. Apparently, Ms. Carlson sat next to a wedding photographer named Mark Jury on a trans-Atlantic trip, and offered him one of her books (she co-writes that "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" series). Unfortunately, Jury had been told by a psychic that he would meet his future mother-in-law on a plane, and he decided Carlson was the woman in question. This encounter sparked seven years of unwanted gifts, emails, and visits from Jury, targeting both Carlson and her teenage daughter. Thankfully, Jury has now been convicted of stalking and sentenced to four and a half years in jail, where he will hopefully get whatever help he needs to leave this poor woman and her family alone.
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