Sex, aliens, and videotape

And speaking of fantasy novels, io9 recently put together a great interview about the challenges (which range from "exciting" to, uh, "just plain challenging") facing the people attempting to adapt Octavia Butler’s novel Dawn into a TV show. I have not read this series, but if the Wikipedia plot summary is accurate, I can see how things could get dicey:
"In Dawn, protagonist Lilith Iyapo finds herself in a spaceship after surviving a nuclear apocalypse that destroys Earth. Saved by the Oankali aliens, the human survivors must combine their DNA with an ooloi, the Oankali’s third sex, in order to create a new race that eliminates a self-destructive flaw in humans—their aggressive hierarchical tendencies."
That sounds... expensive to produce! And like the kind of thing that will inspire a lot of fanfiction!
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