I need to re-read this.

The BBC is making a miniseries adaptation of War and Peace, and THR has some early images of the production. The pictures are elegant and tasteful (if totally boring), although I'm still a little confused about the broadcasting schedule. Apparently, this will air in England on BBC One, but here in the US it will be simulcast on the Lifetime, A&E, and History networks, which seems like a weird choice, ratings-wise. Like, do you just watch whichever channel has the best commercials...?

Also, for once I'd like to see a Russian novel adaptation isn't just a bunch of British actors standing around in the snow, quivering with repressed passion. I'd even take something like Marlene Dietrich's The Scarlet Empress—sure, that movie is 100-proof crazy, but at least it's not yet another attempt to recreate Doctor Zhivago.
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