Jail time for assigning Beloved?

Oh, this is great news: not content with good old-fashioned censorship, the Kansas Senate has passed a bill "making it easier to prosecute teachers and school administrators for distributing materials deemed harmful to minors". Apparently, supporters say the bill is necessary to ensure that kids are protected from teachers distributing pornography at school. Because... that's a thing that happens a lot? Or something? But don't worry, guys, the book-burning types behind this law promise that "teachers would not be prosecuted for teaching works of literary or scientific value". (Apparently, the Republican Rep. Joseph Scapa has already identified one of Nobel Prize-winner Toni Morrison's novels as pornographic, which gives you an idea of the kind of standards we're talking about here. But maybe Rep. Scapa thinks there's a Nobel Prize for porn writers?)

You can read about this asinine decision in greater detail here.
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