Lifestyles of the rich and pseudonymous

The Washington Post featured an article on Monday about the financial woes confronting the best-selling erotica author known as "Zane". She apparently owes the IRS almost $541,000, despite being an extremely successful author and publisher, and has been publicly labeled Maryland’s top individual tax cheat. I'm always interested in the way authors handle their finances—it seems like the nature of writing really lends itself to financial hot messes, and plenty of authors have waged long and bitter battles over paying taxes—but I must say it's a little more difficult to sympathize with a woman who has gone on the record with the news that her house has ten bathrooms.

Note: I had never heard of Zane's books before, so I read the plot summary for the novel featured in this article. If the official overview is to be believed, it's about a couple who, despite having never met before AND both being married to other people, "discover quick ecstasy among the chaos" of a Best Buy Black Friday sale.

...I mean, wow.
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