"Shaken, not stirred" might refer to an alcoholic tremor

According to NPR, a group of Nottingham University Hospital scientists spent a year analyzing Ian Fleming's James Bond novels and tabulating the number of drinks the spy downed each day. The grand total? Six to seven drinks per day, or an average of 45 per week. (This average does not appear to include the odd bender. The article mentions the scene in Casino Royale where Bond downs nearly 20 drinks before embarking on a high-speed car chase, in a clear display of rock-solid judgement.) The researchers announced that this level of drinking is "highly likely" to be associated with liver cirrhosis and cognitive deficits, as well as increasing the risk of depression and sexual dysfunction. None of that sounds very suave to me, but then, I'm not a Jamaican shell diver or a criminal mastermind with a heart of gold.
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