My eyes remain dry.

The Guardian posted an article about a trio of unpublished J.D. Salinger short stories that recently leaked online. The transcripts are apparently accurate, and have lead to considerable hand-wringing for Salinger's fans, who are torn between their desire to read the difficult-to-obtain* stories before Salinger's approved publication date of January 27th, 2060 (fifty years after his death) and their goal of protecting the reclusive author's privacy.

Personally, I can't get too worked up one way or another about this. Salinger seemed to be most concerned about privacy when it came to covering up things like his affair with 18-year-old Joyce Maynard (when he was 53). Theoretically, I support his right to dictate his legacy, but the man was a skeeze. My heart does not bleed for him.

*Technically, copies are already available, although limited to the reading rooms of Princeton University and the University of Texas.
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