I think not.

To my utter disgust, the reviews have been coming out for the second Percy Jackson movie, and they actually seem mildly positive. Not, y'know, good, but full of lines like this one:
"If that were all, Sea of Monsters would make a perfectly presentable boys' own adventure yarn. But the movie doesn't slight the ancient lessons of the Greek myths, which have much to offer the teenage heart searching for answers to questions like, Who am I? Why must I sweep the hearth when the world needs saving? Why do I feel like crap when I'm supposed to be a superhero? And by the way, what are girls for?"
Cute. But the reviewer admits she hasn't read the books (her loss), she didn't suffer through the first movie, and I'm assuming she is blissfully unaware of this utter insult. I, on the other hand, have, so my take on this movie? NEVER FORGIVE, AND NEVER FORGET.
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