Have they nothing else to do with their time?

Wooow. I was ridiculously excited by the recent news that England's ten-pound banknote is going to feature Jane Austen's face*, but apparently some people were less delighted: according to Jezebel, Caroline Criado-Perez, the woman who lead the campaign to feature Austen's image, has received a "deluge" of rape and death threats from Twitter users. The abuse culminated with the arrest of a 21-year-old Manchester man, who was arrested "on suspicion of harassment offences," after Criado-Perez reported "malicious communications" of "about 50 abusive tweets an hour for about 12 hours".

*Even though the quote they chose is from Caroline Bingley, and not meant (in context, anyway) as a serious shout-out to the joys of a good book.
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