Throwing good money after bad?

There are some uggggly numbers coming out from Barnes and Noble: total sales fell 10% in the fourth quarter for their brick-and-mortar stores, and Nook sales tumbled 34%. But B&N isn't giving up the ghost just yet. According to Publishers Weekly, the company is going to invest $33 million in their Nook units this year (which makes no sense to me, but whatever) and put more money into retail trade stores, "devoting $75 million in 2014 to cover opening as many as five new stores and to cover upgrades in its existing outlets". The company closed 18 stores and opened two in the last fiscal year, and plans to close 15 to 20 in the current year. I hope my local B&N isn't on the chopping blockā€”I try to do most of my shopping at independent book stores (of which there are several in my hometown), but sometimes I discover that I really, seriously need a particular book at 9:38 PM, and for that I rely on ol' Barnes and Noble, the only place in town I can get a book, a cup of tea, and a cookie the size of my face after nine o'clock.
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