Avast ye, literary pirates!

Publishers Weekly recently posted an article about non-English-language publishers' struggles with J.K. Rowling's upcoming adult novel The Casual Vacancy. In short, Rowling is worried about online piracy, so her team has delayed the delivery of the manuscript to some foreign publishers (who will then have to rush their translations*), and is withholding it entirely from publishers located in areas considered to be of high risk for piracy. I know this sounds like a really dry and nerdy subject, but A) the article is totally readable, and B) I suspect that Rowling's concern about piracy is an issue that will play a huge role in the determining the growth (or decline) of the publishing industry over the next few years.

*Apparently, the Finnish translator is only getting three weeks to translate the book. That is craziness.

...also, I continue to find that cover art hugely underwhelming.
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