Toning down a King classic

NPR has a great article up about a recent revival of the musical version of Stephen King's Carrie. I had no idea there had ever been a Carrie musical, but apparently it was one of Broadway's biggest flops: it came out in 1988 to disastrous reviews (theater critic Frank Rich described it as "ridiculously over-the-top and vulgar") and closed after a mere five official performances, losing its entire $8 million dollar investment. Flash-forward twenty-odd years, and the off-Broadway company MCC Theatre has picked up the show, albeit with a smaller cast, a lot less blood, and a much smaller budget. Good luck to them... but it seems to me [SPOILER] that a Carrie without the shower of pig's blood is no Carrie at all.
Posted by: Julianka


08 Mar, 2012 07:30 AM

I like dean pitchford is my favorite lyricist.

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