Utterly bizarre

Scholastic Parent & Child magazine has trotted out their list of the 100 Greatest Books for Kids, awarding the top spot to Charlotte's Web, second place to Goodnight Moon, and third place to A Wrinkle in Time. Even setting aside my dislike of Charlotte's Web (which is difficult for me to do), this list is so weird one wonders if it's some kind of pathetic attempt to generate controversy. The Hunger Games is seriously a better book than The Secret Garden? Books ranging from Jumanji to Harriet the Spy don't make the list at all? No Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, or Little House books? What about books from non-English speaking countries? AND WHY NO ALICE IN WONDERLAND?!?

Wow... I can actually feel myself getting steadily more irritated as I type this, and I don't want to give them the satisfaction, so I'll leave it at that.
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