Dan Simmons

While Dan Simmons is probably best known for his Hugo-Award-winning sci-fi novel Hyperion, we here at Wordcandy prefer his sprawling, Greek-mythology-influenced novel Illium, the subject of one of our Book of the Week reviews.

Born in Illinois in 1948, Simmons has written horror, suspense and mystery stories, in addition to his sci-fi novels. He is heavily influenced by classic literature, and his books have featured references to everything from The Canterbury Tales to Vladimir Nabakov. It takes a special author to make these kinds of lofty literary allusions work, and it is a tribute to Simmons’s talent that he never comes across as a fathead.

Note: We're geeking out over the news that there is a film version of Illium in the works. More news will undoubtedly turn up on the blog.



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