It Started With a Kiss manga licensed

Hey, somebody finally picked up Itazura Na Kiss, the classic 1990s shojo manga that has been made into two enormously popular Taiwanese dramas and a anime. Digital Manga Publishing has acquired the rights to Itazura Na Kiss, with the first volume appearing in November and the second in March of 2010.

A word of warning: I've read as much of this series as the internet has made available, and I've watched sizable chunks of the T-drama, but Itazura Na Kiss is totally painful. It's one of those stories about an impossibly smart, handsome, competent hero pursued by a stupid, plain heroine whose only redeeming feature is her pigheaded devotion to a guy who appears to despise her. Most of the plots involve the heroine getting injured, ignored, and/or humiliated, with the hero slipping in at the last minute to drop the heroine a crumb of affection, which just serves to jumpstart her obsessive devotion all over again.

So... yeah. I've read it, I even sort of enjoyed it, but it is not something I'm proud of.
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