Peter Abrahams

Peter Abrahams has written several intelligent, entertaining mystery/suspense novels for adults, and two phenomenal mysteries for teens, 2005’s Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery and its 2006 sequel, Behind the Curtain. The Echo Falls books are the Veronica Mars of YA novels--the kind of smart, ambitious storytelling that’s going to appeal to readers of both genders and all ages, transcending the limited audience to which they have been marketed.

The heroine of the Echo Falls books, Ingrid Levin-Hill, is the most believable teenage heroine I’ve encountered in years: intelligent and introspective, but with a teenager’s inability to think things through. Some of the choices Ingrid makes in these books would ring false if they were made by an older heroine, but they make perfect sense coming from teenager in her position. Mr. Abrahams should be very proud of his creation--for someone who's never been one, he has written an astonishingly realistic thirteen-year-old girl.



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