Teresa Medeiros

It is rare for me to recommend a writer of historical romances that feature a pre-Regency setting. I'm sure that there are plenty of very entertaining books out there with medieval or Elizabethan settings or whatever, but I just can't seem to force myself to suspend my disbelief sufficiently to really get into a sexy love story between two people for whom bathing was probably a semi-annual event. (I know. I'm narrow-minded.)

Still, writers like Teresa Medeiros (and fellow Wordcandy author Julie Garwood) do exist, so I am forced to make the occasional exception. Medeiros's book Charming the Prince is so amusing, intelligent, and well-written that I am able to forgive the occasional anachronism, stop fretting over the bathing issue (not to mention the brushing of the teeth--don't even get me started on the teeth), and actually enjoy myself.

Note: Medeiros has also written several other books. They're equally fun, and many of them have a Regency-era setting, which ensures that most of the characters bathe regularly. If you happen to share my phobia, maybe you should start with those....



Other Recommendations:
Anything by Julie Garwood

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02 Dec, 2005 08:22 PM @ version 0

Teresa Medeiros' "Breath of Magic" was the first romance novel I ever picked up (at the ripe old age of 12 :D). I still buy her books as soon I see them come out. She's an amazing author. Nice call on the Julie Garwood also. I've never been disappointed by either author. It's always money well spent with these two.

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