Evelyn Waugh

Satirical novelist Evelyn Waugh wrote novels that were wickedly funny, sharply critical, and slightly insane. Like his contemporary Graham Greene (who considered Waugh to be the greatest novelist of their generation), Waugh's novels were timely, bitter critiques of the world that surrounded him. Unlike Greene, Waugh's books are consistently funny.

Waugh was a devout Catholic. When questioned about the dichotomy between his religious beliefs and his uncharitable view of the world around him, Waugh is said to have replied, "You have no idea how much nastier I would be if I was not a Catholic. Without supernatural aid I would hardly be a human being." Heh--me too.

None. There's even an excellent film version of Vile Bodies (called "Bright Young Things"), although they did screw with the ending a bit.


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