Wordcandy's Holiday Gift List: 2011 Edition

It's December, and that means it's time for Wordcandy to release our annual Holiday Gift Guide! We've chosen a variety of deeply awesome potential gifts for the bibliophiles on your shopping list, any (or all) of which we would be delighted to receive ourselves.

1. Chatty Nora posters (approximately $20)

These pen-drawn posters feature quotes from authors ranging from Mark Twain (above) to Dr. Seuss.

2. Coralie Bickford-Smith's F. Scott Fitzgerald "Hardcover Classics" editions ($25, but seemingly difficult to find)

Bickford-Smith is the designer responsible for Penguin's gorgeous line of Hardcover Classics, but these Art Deco-inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald editions might be her best work yet.

3. Caroline Hadilaksono's Harry Potter prints ($50)

We've geeked out over these prints before, so we were straight-up thrilled when Ms. Hadilaksono released a third image (above).

4. Book Rest Lamp (between $80 and $50, if you can catch it on sale)

Pretty snazzy, huh? It's unclear if this book lamp provides enough light to actually, y'know, read by, but it looks great.

5. Scout Books' "Good Inks" editions ($4)

The fine people at Scout Books have released a limited collection of short stories, each written by a classic American author and illustrated by a contemporary artist. They're eye-catching, and you can't beat that price.

6. White's Books "Fine Editions" (approximately $17)

How have I missed these? This UK publisher hasn't released many books in this line, but I need to own this edition of of Pride and Prejudice. Like, yesterday.

7. Library Candles ($25)

Of course, we're hoping these scents are inspired by the authors' work, rather than the authors themselves... because we suspect Edgar Allan Poe didn't actually smell that great.

8. Penguin's "Classics Deluxe" editions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach ($15)

Yes, I need to own these, too. And it's a good thing I'm stopping here, because the "buy one gift for someone else; buy one gift for myself" formula is sounding more and more attractive right now...
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